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Staging a Home to Sell in Newport News, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Poquoson, Carrollton, Hampton & Suffolk Va

A cluttered home means a slow-selling home, or a home that won’t sell at all. Every city or county on Hampton Roads has on average over 500 properties to choose from, and the home that shows the best online will be the home that sells the fastest.  Many home sellers can do a lot of staging themselves by simply doing a little pre-packing. Since you’re eventually moving, begin by packing away many of your personal items on display, and that includes all of those lovely refrigerator magnets too!  Hey, we have those magnets too but de-cluttering is very important in getting your home sold quickly.

It’s okay to leave one or two family photos on display, a diploma or award showing the owner’s personal achievements, as that will help personalize the home to the buyer.  But strategically re-positioning those items is tantamount in a successful showing.  For example, placing the family photo on the fireplace mantel will help draw the buyer’s attention to the fireplace; removing refrigerator magnets will help draw the buyer’s attention to the fine appliances or granite counters.

Staged 2 Sell Virginia – Trez Robinson offers a variety of staging options from consultations to full home staging for investors and homeowners alike!

Impressive Home Staging – Kim Dombrowski is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association and is ready to help you transform your home whether you’re looking to sell or stay!

If you have a dated home with older kitchen cabinets or dated kitchen or bathroom faucets, installing new updated kitchen cabinet door knobs and replacing old faucets with new median-grade faucets can make a dated kitchen or bathroom seem new again!  The cost is minimal when such a small $200-$300 investment will help net you a written offer sooner rather than later.  Small powder rooms should be painted a bright white and old worn and stained vinyl should be replaced as well.  Additionally, replacing dark bed linens and window drapes with bright linens, bedspread, and accent pillows, and re-painting dark walls a neutral or earth tone color, will make a room feel even bigger!

We can help you with additional suggestions after we preview your home, and please contact us first before spending any money as we have found that home owners can often be more critical on their own home than a perspective home buyer!  We’ve seen many sellers think they have to do certain upgrades when if fact, they should be addressing other bigger issues like painting the rusted chimney cap or replacing the noisy garage door opener.

Consultation services begin as low as $100.00, yet professional home staging has been known to provide a 500% to 600% return on your investment.

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